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After practising yoga for many years on and off, I dove into yoga more fully in 2015 to help me physically deal with the aches and pains I was experiencing from my career as a digital illustrator (who knew a desk job could be so physically damaging!). Some days I could not even raise my arms over my head and I realized that I had to take ownership of my physical wellness. A journey towards physical improvement surprised me with benefits that went far beyond. I found myself learning to deal with stress in a more positive manner and it just brought more emotional balance to my life. This realization of the positive physical and mental  effects of yoga inspired me to want to share yoga with others and I completed my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Alliance.

I believe that yoga is one of the greatest tools for supporting physical, mental and emotional wellness. Don't be intimidated by yoga! Yoga is not about trying to wrap your leg around your head (although if you can do that, good on you!). It is about learning tools to deal with stress.  It is about growing stronger physically. And it is about keeping your body moving and flexible. As you can see I love so much about yoga and I hope in my classes to inspire that same love for yoga in others and to share a few laughs.

SpringHill Yoga

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Please feel free to come a few minutes before class to get settled on your mat!



129 Louisa St. in Baden.

Park on the street and access the studio through the door that is on the left side of the house by the grey gate (left side when facing the house).

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