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"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” –The Bhagavad Gita

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Shelley Heipel - Registered Yoga Teacher

A journey towards taking full ownership of my physical wellness led me to yoga.  Not only did my body benefit, but I began to learn how to deal with stress in a more positive manner and to find more emotional balance in my life. Realizing the positive physical and mental  effects of yoga inspired me to want to share yoga with others and I completed my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification.

Since then I have continued my journey of learning. I am obsessed with learning how the body moves and the mind works. This has led me to training in many modalities. The training that has most inspired my teaching is Somatic Yoga - repatterning the brain for functional movement. I have been specifically training in this field over the last year so that I can help myself, and you, learn how to move out of movement patterns that are causing us tightness and disfunction and sometimes pain. I am looking forward to sharing this learning with you in the studio.

I believe that yoga is one of the greatest tools for supporting physical, mental and emotional wellness. Yoga is not about trying to wrap your leg around your head. It is about learning tools to deal with stress.  It is about growing stronger physically. And it is about keeping your body moving and flexible. I love so much about yoga as I feel it is the whole package and I hope in my classes to inspire that same love for yoga in others. My official motto in class is "Be Yourself So Fully That Everyone Else Feels Safe To Be Themselves Too".  I hope to create a sense of welcome and community in my classes where we can share a few laughs and continue to grow and learn together.

When I'm not in the studio, I enjoy spending time with my hubby, son and two pups. You may find us out in the garden, watching the birds or enjoying anything that involves the outdoors.

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