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Instant Download Yoga Pose Cards - Ready to Print + Easy Create Your Own Template. 

Perfect for deepening your home practice, for new yoga teachers or those in teacher training, or for use with private yoga clients.


►READY TO PRINT: 79 Pose Cards + 3 Breathwork Cards + 4 Yoga Sequence Cards (16 different short sequences) + 2 Table of Contents Cards. Available in Brunette & African American yogini.
► Easy to Use Editable Pose Card Template to use in free Canva. Drag & Drop 108 poses to create your own pose cards. Just type over my text to create your own custom cards. 
     • Red Haired, Black Haired, Black Hair with Darker Skin, Blonde & Brunette Characters in each of the 108 poses
     • Instructions on using the Templates in Free Canva including a video tutorial
► 3"x5", 4"x6" and 8.5"x11" (4 cards per letter sized page) Designs All Included!

►The front of each card contains a Yoga Pose Illustration, the Name of the Pose and the Sanskrit Name.
►Each card is indexed with a number so that you can refer to it from the sequencing cards.
►The back of the card contains the Name, the Sanskrit Name, the Phonetic Pronunciation of the Sanskrit name, Benefits of the Pose, and Cues for practicing the Pose.



► Print at home and cut out OR have the cards printed in a high quality finish with rounded edges at a print on demand site.

Options for Printing at Home:
► Use the PDF format file included in your downloads to print 4 cards per letter sized page. Set up to print front and back so that the Pose prints on the front and the Benefits & Cues print on the back just as shown in the pics.
► Use the single 3"x5" JPEG format files included in your downloads to print on 4"x6" photo paper. You can trim or leave the white edge. If you want to print front & back ensure you use double sided photo paper.
► Although somewhat harder to find, you can print on 3"x5" index cards.

To Print at a Print on Demand site:
► Use the single 3"x5" JPEG format files included in your downloads. Choose "Tarot Sized Cards" which will be 3"x5".
► You will be able to drag and drop or upload the images, choose your finish and paper weight. Cost is generally between $19-25 to have the cards in this kit printed (plus tax and shipping).
► Many sites allow you to have a custom box printed. Cost is generally $2-3 for the box. A box design is included in the JPEG format files in your download.
► To give you an idea of total cost to have this printed at a Print on Demand site, when I have the cards + box printed, it costs me about $30-$32 US to have this printed and shipped to Canada. More pricey than printing at home but they look very nice and are perfect for gift giving.
► A list of some Print on Demand sites that will print these files is included in your downloads.



► This listing is for a digital download. No physical product will be mailed to you.
► Colours may vary by printer and the colour that you see on your monitor may vary slightly with printer output.
► Due to the digital nature of the transaction, refunds can not be provided after files have been downloaded. However, if you have any problems downloading the files please reach out to me. Always happy to help you troubleshoot.

►The copyright of this design and all images included within remain with springhillyogadesign.
► Unlimited printing for your own personal use. Cards may not be printed for sale or distribution. They are for use in your own personal practice, for use with private clients, or for use in planning and guiding your yoga class or session.
► Please do not:
- print and distribute for sale or for free
- share, sell or distribute the digital file
- Share, sell of distribute the download links to the digital files

Many hours have been put in to the creation of these cards. If people are interested in having their own copy of the pose cards, kindly direct them to my shop to purchase their own copy. :)

Yoga Pose Cards - Printable Files

SKU: YPC-001
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