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We did a thing, we created a yoga book together

Where it began...

During the lockdowns, I had taken that down

time and created tools for fellow yoga teachers to use in guiding their classes. I designed a digital tool that allowed teachers and practitioners to drag and drop poses into various templates to sequence their classes and a hatha yoga book with 40 sequenced class plans and meditations that they could mix 'n match.

Since those were released, I have had many requests for a yin book. I haven't taught yin in years but I did know an amazing yin yoga teacher, Carrie Bergen-Geisel, right here at the studio.

The perfect partnership

Carrie has guided a popular yin yoga class here every Thursday night for almost 2 years. She weaves long-held, luxurious poses with insightful poems and meditations so that one leaves with a more pliable and open body, mind & spirit. A perfect partnership was created where we each played to our strengths. Carrie created the yin sequences and wrote the meditations and class scripts, I drew and created the poses for the book, and together we worked on the page layout and structure of the book.

A year later - a little bit of yin and yang

I think when we began, we envisioned this book taking us a couple of months. Well, life and reality sometimes get in the way. A tenacity that we both share kept us seeing this through to the end though. That, and a vision that we both held, of creating tools to help yoga teachers, new and more seasoned, to more easily deliver classes of depth and meaning. It took a little bit of yin and yang to get it done. The quiet times of reflection to create the meditations and to illustrate, the yang to push ourselves to keep going and get the structure of the book together.

Collaboration is accomplishment shared

Creating this book was a joy of blending energies, insights, and knowledge to produce a book that goes beyond individual perspectives. We have been able to share this experience together, pushing together through the difficult periods and embracing together the victory of completing the book. Joy and accomplishment reflected back to the other.

Send it out into the universe

We hope that our collaborative effort has created a resource that will be valuable and enriching to yoga teachers around the world. May it inspire teachers on their yoga journey and contribute to the ever-expanding world of wellness.

You may find our Yin Book here and other yoga tools here.

And here you can take a peek at what yoga teachers have to say about our tools.

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