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My mudra of healing

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Whenever I'm at that place where I need a little healing, be it emotional or physical, I come to Svabhava Mudra. As I place my left hand over my heart and cover it with my right, I immediately draw inward coming to a place of connection, calm and healing. Bowing my head down, I give myself permission to just be still and let my body do what it does naturally and with time - heal.

"Sva" means one’s own and "bhava" translates to essence. Svabhava Mudra is the Seal of One’s Own Essence. It reminds us of the power of touch as a healing tool and the healing power of finding calm in the eye of the storm. When we come inward we find a serene energy within ourselves. This energy lets us rest while the body heals.

This may all seem a little "woo woo" but the mind is a powerful tool of healing. From a scientific perspective, if you would like to read an interesting book outlining the power behind "healing thoughts" and the power of the brain to heal the body, I recommend Jo Marchant's book, "Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind Over Body". You can read an excerpt from her book and listen to an interview here. And this really is a solid review of the book.

I try to find a balance between the nitty gritty of scientific studies, and what I know I feel in my body. Svabhava Mudra is a mindfulness practice. I am mindfully focused on my body and my healing. In itself mindfulness is a healing practice, reducing stress levels and the corresponding stress hormones, and it may slow cellular aging (yep!) But really I practice Svabhava Mudra because it just makes me feel better emotionally. It makes me feel calm but "powerfully calm" as I connect to my own "essence" and strength within. So you may call it "woo woo" if you like, but try it out and see how you feel. :)

Honouring your journey,


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