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Struggling with meditation?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Welcome to the club. Here are some things that help me out.

My YTT Instructor once said, "The best meditation is the one that you do". So taking that advice, I set about just trying to do a 2 minute meditation each day. Here are some things that helped me out.

Headspace App On my Phone

I would put this on at night before bed with my ear buds in. Before you know it I was up to 5 minutes. These are basically breathing meditations.

Body Scan Meditation

I sometimes due this off my mat too. When I am sitting at my desk I just start at the top of my head and work my way down to my toes, consciously relaxing that part of my body on the way down. Two cues really work for me, "pull your shoulders away from your ears" and "pull your tongue away from the top of your mouth". On those cues I automatically relax.

Accepting that I am going to have thoughts

I used to get so frustrated when I would realize that I was thinking during my meditation. Instead of fighting the thoughts all meditation, I now just acknowledge, "Oh, I'm having a thought" and on my next exhale blow the thought away and return to focusing on my breath. Stopping the fight against thoughts but instead just accepting thoughts are going to come in, greeting the thought and sending it on it's way has been helpful for me in having a satisfying meditation.

Set reasonable goals

Trying to start with a 10 minute meditation may prove to be frustrating. Meditation is a practice and as such you have to practise and build up your skill. Start with a 2 minute meditation goal. If you go over it, great! Just keep going with that flow and slowly you will see your meditations grow in terms of length and satisfaction. It doesn't matter how long your meditation is - it's more important that you are coming out of it feeling renewed.

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